Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms

A free-to-download shooter on PC from Ubisoft which relies on a microtransaction-based pay system. A Wii U version was formally announced at E3 2011 but never materialized.


Ghost Recon Phantoms (formerly Ghost Recon Online) is a free to play multiplayer third person shooter for the PC developed by Ubisoft Singapore, was in Open Beta from 2012 until its final release on April 10, 2014.

The Wii U version however, initially announced and demoed at a developer roundtable during E3 2011 as one of the first Wii U titles, was put ‘on hold’ as the developers were focused on ‘doing the PC version right.’ Since this version never materialized after many years of silence, it is presumed to have been canceled.


Much like Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Ghost Recon Phantoms is a third person cover based shooter. You have the choice of three different classes each with their own strengths, weaknesses, specific weapons and specialized abilities.

To complete your objectives you have an array of weapons and accessories available, including weapon attachments and consumables such as grenades.

Due to the free to play nature of the game everything is microtransaction based, each weapon, accessory and consumable can either be bought with ‘RP’ earned as rewards for doing well in games, or you can purchase ‘GC’ that let you buy items at a reduced cost.

Game Modes

There are three game modes available in GRP, all game modes are based on capturing and holding objectives until the timer runs out. Rounds can be won by either capturing all the objectives or defending the objectives until the round timer expires.


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Conquest is a take and hold game mode, around the map are five capture points labeled A through E, both teams start opposite the central objective (point C) and when the round starts both teams advance on the objective, once the objective is captured by either team the attacking team spawn moves forward one point and the defending team moves backwards one point, so if the attacking team takes point C then the attacking team spawns at point C and the defending team at spawn E.

The round ends when a team has either captured all of the objectives, or the round ends and the team that has the most objectives held.


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Onslaught is a two round attack and defend game mode, each team has the chance to attack and defend once the round changes. The defending team has to hold two objectives, once the attacking team has captured both objectives a third objective opens up and the attacking team has to capture the final objective to win the round.


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Holdout is a two round defend game mode, each team must take and hold a central objective until the timer runs out, if the attacking team capture the central objective then time is added to the timer and the defending team must now attack to recapture the point.

Teams switch sides after the round ends and the winning team is the one that captured and held the point the most or longest.


Like most games the player has a choice of classes which each of their own strengths, weaknesses, weapon types and abilities.

To ensure victory each team must have the right mix of the classes and abilities, each class can choose from two primary weapons of which you can only use one a time, a pistol, armor, grenades and abilities.

The player must choose the class before entering a match but once in a match then the player cannot change the class only his weapons and abilities.


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The front-line class, with a choice of assault rifles and shotgun the Assault class has the most armor but is also the slowest of the three classes.

The Assault class has a choice of two abilities, HEAT and Blitz. Heat causes a directed microwave affect wherever the device is pointed causing disorientation and small amounts of damage to the enemy behind cover making them move position. Blitz is a ballistic shield ability, once activated allows the player to rush forward with the shield and knock enemies over, it also has the added bonus of storing the shield on the players back giving them added protection from the rear.


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The sniper, with a choice of sniper rifles and sub machine guns is the lightest and fastest of the classes but also the lightest armor, the role of the Recon is to provide long range support and intelligence for the team.

The Recon class also has a choice of two abilities, Oracle and Cloak. Cloak is an invisible camouflage ability and allows the player to move about for a short period of time undetected. Oracle is a radar like system that detects enemies and shows them on your team-mates HUD.


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The Specialist class can choose from Light Machine guns and Shotguns. With medium armor gives them a balance between speed and protection, the role of the specialist is to support the Assault classes with their unique abilities.

The specialist can choose from two abilities, Aegis and Blackout. Aegis is a force shield bubble that extends around the player which team mates can take cover under, Aegis provides protection from both bullets and grenades. Blackout is a chargeable EMP effect which stuns enemies and stops them using abilities, the longer you charge Blackout the further its area of effect range, if you get shot while charging the effects are directed back at the player.


Each primary weapon has three configurations to fit the play style of the player, close, medium and long range. Weapons can also be customized with attachments such as scopes, laser targeting, high capacity magazines, muzzle breaks and suppressors. Through repeated use each weapon can level up giving you added chance of giving a critical hit to the enemy.

Assault Rifles

  • M27 C
  • M27 D10RS
  • M27 D20
  • As Val
  • As Val C
  • VSS
  • Mk 16 CQC
  • Mk 16 SV
  • Mk 16
  • Sar-21
  • Sar-21 C
  • Sar-21 SD
  • ACR
  • ACR C
  • ACR SV
  • AR-21
  • AR-21 C
  • AR-21 SV
  • F2000
  • F2000 SP
  • F2000 SD

Sniper Rifles

  • M24A2
  • M24 SV
  • M24 C
  • SRS
  • SRS C
  • SRS SD
  • Sentinel SR-1
  • Sentinel SR-1 SV
  • Sentinel SR-1 SD
  • SR-25
  • SR-25 SD
  • SR-25 SP
  • MSR
  • MSR C
  • MSR SD
  • M-200
  • M-200 SD
  • M-200 SV
  • SVD
  • SVD SV
  • SVDS

Submachine Guns

  • MP5A2
  • MP5SD-N2
  • OC-14 4A01
  • OC-14 4A02
  • OC-14 4A03
  • PP2000
  • PP2000 C
  • PP2000 SD
  • MP7
  • MP7 C
  • MP7 SD
  • PP-19
  • PP-19 SD
  • PP-19 SP
  • MP9
  • MP9 C
  • MP9 SD
  • P90
  • P90 C
  • P90 SD

Light Machine Guns

  • Mk 3 SP
  • Mk 4 C
  • Mk 5
  • M96
  • M96 C
  • M249
  • MK 46 Mod 0
  • M249 Para
  • L86 SV
  • L86A1 IW
  • L86A1 LSW
  • MG4
  • MG4 C
  • MG4 SP
  • MG36 K
  • MG36 KV
  • MG36
  • 6P41
  • 6P41 SP
  • 6P41 SV


  • M500
  • M500 C
  • M500 SV
  • Pentagun
  • Pentagun SP
  • Pentagun SD
  • PM5
  • PM5 SP
  • PM5-350
  • M1014
  • M1014 C
  • M1014 SD
  • NS2000
  • NS2000 C
  • NS2000 SP
  • Model 10a
  • Model 10a C
  • Model 10a SP
  • KPS-12
  • KPS-12 C
  • KPS-12 SD


  • P250
  • USP 45
  • TR-1
  • FiveSeven
  • P-45
  • Redhawk
  • PX4


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Reflex have no magnification but offer the widest field of view for quick target acquisition


Assault scopes have close to medium range magnification at the cost of some field of view


Sniper Scopes have medium to long range magnification but have the most restrictive field of view.


Stocks affect recoil and weapon ready times switching to and from the weapon.


Upgraded magazines offer higher capacities and larger pools of ammo

Bottom Attachments


Bipods stabilize weapons when in cover or prone, giving improved accuracy and reduce recoil at the cost of reduced mobility.

Vertical Grip

Grips are best used in close quarters giving improved accuracy recovery and reduced recoil at the cost of long range accuracy

Side Attachments

IR Laser Designator

Allows the player to set waypoints and designate enemies that show up on team mates HUD

Muzzle Attachments


Silences eliminate muzzle flash, improve accuracy and greatly reduce noise at the cost of reduced damage.

Muzzle Break

Muzzle breaks greatly reduce weapon recoil and slightly reduce muzzle flash

Flash Suppressor

Flash suppressors significantly reduce muzzle flash and slightly reduce recoil


Consumables are limited use items gained by purchasing, rewards for accomplishing objectives or picking up via the loot system.

Armour Inserts

Armour comes with slots so the player can insert armor plates that have special attributes, the player can purchase better armor that have more slots. Each insert has a unique ability that boosts the players attributes.

There are four types of inserts each with four levels of increasing effects.

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Health – Increases your maximum health.

Regeneration – Increases the rate at which you regenerate health.

Toughness – Decreases the damage taken by enemy bullets.

Crit Evasion – Decreases the chance that the enemy will give you a critical hit.


Grenades have two types, impact and fuse and two variants which increase the blast range and damage.


Magnum ammo can be equipped onto a weapon to provide extra damage.


There are currently six maps in the Open Beta, these are not final maps and have much changed from the closed beta.

Shearwater 51 – Oil Rig based Onslaught Mode Map

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Markhov Station – Moscow Metro based Conquest Mode Map

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Korolyov Towers – Construction site based Onslaught Mode Map

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Chertanovo LZ – Moscow City based Conquest Mode Map

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Tomsk-9 – Russian Nuclear Processing Planet based Onslaught Mode Map

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Balaklava Sub-Pen – Submarine Pen based Holdout Mode Map

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