EverQuest II: Age of Discovery

The eighth expansion to EverQuest II.

First announced at SOE's Fan Faire 2011, Age of Discovery is the eighth expansion for EverQuest II, following Destiny of Velious. It was released on December 6th, 2011, alongside the merger of EQ2 Extended and EQ2 Live, which made all EQ2 servers free to play.


  • The Beastlord class is being added as the 25th class.
  • Mercenaries (NPC party members)
  • Player-created dungeons
  • Tradeskill apprentices (NPC tradeskillers)
  • Increased AA cap
  • New 'reforging' system to allow players to change stats on items
  • Rebuilding of Freeport into a single zone, adding new quests across the entire level range
  • A new public quest in the Commonlands