Blood Money

Multi-level shoot-em-up pushing the limits of 1989

Blood Money is hailed as one of the best side-scrolling shoot-em-ups to be released for the Commodore Amiga. 
"The claws boss, the claws!"

The graphics and sound are superb for the time and the gameplay is fluid, yet frenzied. Since there is no way to save your game, it quickly becomes an addictive and sometimes frustrating game to play. The difficulty ramps up considerably between levels and only the first two worlds are playable from the beginning. Once either of the first two worlds are completed, all 4 worlds are available to plunder. 

Gameplay of level 1 can be viewed here
Gameplay of levels 2-4 can be viewed  here

The game is segmented into 4 worlds, each navigated by a different vehicle:
  • Metal World – Helicopter
  • Ocean World – Submarine
  • Ice World – Jet Pack Suit
  • Red World – Jet Fighter

A variety of enemies appeared unique to each level:
  • Metal World – Glowing Orbs, Turrets, Robot Walkers, Spinning Shurikens, Floating Jaws, Orbiting Spheres, Red Jet Fighters, Triangular Spaceships,  Stationary Missile Launchers, Green Bubbles, Stationary Mines
  • Ocean World – Sea Cucumbers, Diagonal swimming Jellyfish, Vertical swimming Jellyfish, Crabs, Bubbles, Giant Crab Claws
  • Ice World – Turrets, Dragons, Floating Mines, Ice Spikes, Bouncing Mines, Small Asteroids, Large Asteroids, Jet Fighters, Flack Cannons, Missiles, Sea Serpents
  • Red World – Worms, Spitting Plants, Stationary Mines, Spinning Blades, Floating Brains, Fire Serpents, Spinning Heads, Fire Ball Chains

Throughout each world, money is collected for downed enemies which can be spent in equipment stores along the way to power-up your vehicle. There are 8 power-ups available:
  1. Upward firing missiles
  2. Downward firing missiles
  3. Bombs
  4. Rear firing missiles
  5. Multi-shot
  6. Speed up
  7. Limited time invulnerability
  8. Extra Life
Store Names
  • Metal World – Give 'em Hell
  • Ocean World – Davey Jones's Equipment Locker (ironically both the pirate and the developer shared the same name)
  • Ice World – Equipment Buy or Die!
  • Red Monster – Monster Bashing Equipment

Bosses end each level:
  • Metal World – Floating Metal Machine
  • Ocean World – Sea Serpent
  • Ice World – Lip Like Alien with Pustules
  • Red World – Floating Brain

  • Coded by: Dave Jones
  • Graphics by: Tony Smith