Liar: Legend of the Sword

Korean Action RPG for the Apple II, first title in the Liar's franchise.

Nam Inhwan programmed Liar: Legend of Sword, also known as Sin'geom-ui Jeonseol (original titile) with his friend U Hyeoncheol during his high school days. Liar: Legend of Sword was advertised as the first Korean game using "Hangeul" scripts.

Liar: Legend of Sword was the first title in a planned serie, and it certainly owed a lot to Richard Garriot's Ultima. The similarities go so far as Nam making himself the king of the fantasy kingdom, just like Garriot inserted himself into Britannia as Lord British.

Liar: Legend of Sword offers a whole world to walk around, towns to visit and people to talk to. Players can board ships and ride horses for hours, the game was extremely confusing, it was extremely easy to lose the plot and travel aimlessly without discovering so much as a hint towards any heroic quests or even monsters to fight. NPCs can be talked to via a parser, but without any outside hints there's no way of knowing what to ask them.

Nam later re-appeared at the small developing studio Ecstasy Entertainment and made a sequel. In the new millenium, he co-founded Aeon Electronic Entertainment, Inc to create the popular free to play MMORPG Flyff.