Cyphers Online

A Massively Multiplayer Action Online Battle Arena game created by Neople Entertainment.


Cyphers Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Action RPG released by Neople.

In Cyphers Online, players take the role of a character known as a "Cypher," or a person gifted with special abilities. These Cyphers fight in a constant battle for information for one of two sides known as "The Foundation of Helios" or "The Underground Union."

The objective in every match of Cyphers Online is to destroy the enemy Headquarters. The HQ is guarded heavily by other objectives on the map, such as towers and the "guardian" of the base, which is a mobile boss unit with it's own special attacks and abilities. Players must work together in teams of five and defeat the opposing team, taking objectives to ultimately destroy the enemy HQ and win the match.


Featuring a fully 3-D environment, Cyphers Online will have you in the action from the very beginning. You can choose from one of many Cyphers, each having their own individual flair and playstyle. Some Cyphers may pull off flashy combos, where others may heal and buff units and players. Each Cypher has several abilities, including an "ultimate" ability; however, there is no resource system in Cyphers, so they are limited strictly to cooldowns. This makes the combat very fast-paced and action-packed.

In Cyphers, character progression is obtained through buying items with the gold you earn in the match. There are several ways to earn gold. Firstly, although not the main objective of the game, slaying enemy players earns gold. Additionally, minions will spawn in each lane for both teams which award players with gold when attacked. There are also a variety of "neutral" minions that award gold, and spawn periodically throughout the map. Another objective is the wild card boss neutral monster, who is very powerful and will give a random award when slain as well as a team gold bonus.

Items are simply bought whenever you have the required gold. There are certain level restrictions when buying items, and you must reach a total level via buying more items to buy more items. Essentially, this system is used to encourage players to take objectives and score kills to level up and become a strong asset to their team. There are several different "stats" that boost player performance such as "power" and "defense" that are attributed to certain items. It is entirely up to the player as to which items they want to buy and ultimately, how they "build" their character.

Cyphers Online also features a unique item system in which players can customize which items they can buy. In Cyphers, there is a town used as a lobby system where players can interact with eachother, buy cosmetic items and most importantly, buy power-ups for their items. Players can purchase booster packs (which have randomized items inside) with the in-game currency, "MyDollars", or they can use Terra Coins to purchase items directly from NPCs. These currencies are both acquired after every match of Cyphers, as a reward for playing the game. Each item has different features and some even alter the abilities of Cyphers, so it is a key element of the game.