Strike Vector

Frantic high-speed aerial-combat action game played in first- or third-person.


This game was originally pitched on Steam Greenlight as a free to play game on June 25, 2013, and later released on January 28, 2014 as a normal pay-once game .

The game is built using the Unreal Engine.


According to the initial Steam Greenlight pitch, the game will see some DLC developed in the future. All DLC will be free for everyone who owns the game regardless of when the game was purchased.

The first free DLC patch titled "Tasty Walls" launched on the 28th of February and contained the following:

  • New unlocks and grades.
  • CTF game mode.
  • Previous levels optimized for CTF play.
  • Two completely new maps.
  • Worldwide and friends leaderboards.

The patch also brings smaller changes such as weapon, perk and level balancing, better player spawning, improved votemap panel, a new option to restart matches, improved admin tools and bug fixes.


Unlike most modern shooters Strike Vector has all of its 8 weapons unlocked from the start. You can equip two weapons, one on each side of your ship in any type of combination.

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Fires fast high damage rockets with low splash damage and a rate of fire.

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Performs best in close encounters at low-to-mid range. As it has infinite ammo there is never a need to reload.

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Homing Missiles

Medium damage missiles with the ability to lock onto targets.

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Faster and more accurate then the Gatling Gun but does not have infinite ammo per magazine.

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Plasma Gun

Deals the most damage in the game but requires a lot of precision to use effectively.

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Rocket Launcher

Slower then the carbine but deals massive damage and has large splash damage.

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Very effective at close range with its large damage and high spread.

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Swarm Missiles

These missiles with automatically seek out and hit the closest target.

System Requirements

Operating SystemWindows XP
Processor2.0 GHz processor
Memory2 GB of RAM
GraphicsSM3-compatible video card
DirectXVersion 9.0
Hard Drive5 GB
Operating SystemWindows 7
Memory4 GB of RAM
GraphicsNVIDIA 8000 series or higher graphics card
DirectXVersion 11
Hard Drive5 GB

Additional Notes: Xfire and SLI not supported