Woah Dave!

Woah Dave! is a frantic, old-school, score-chasing arcade game set to an insane difficulty.


Woah Dave! is an arcade style action game developed and published by Choice Provisions (under the MiniVisions name). The game was initially released on the Nintendo 3DS, PC and iOS platforms before later coming to the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, Wii U and Apple TV.


The gameplay occurs on a single screen where players control the titular character Dave Lonuts. The goal of the game is for the player to collect as many coins as possible within the three lives allocated at the start of a round.

Coins dropped for collection by the player through defeating enemies. Monsters are defeated through either throwing eggs or red skulls at enemies although holding onto an egg or skull for too long will kill the player. Should the player fail to kill a monster before it reaches the lava located at the bottom of the screen then the monster evolves and more coins are awarded for killing them in their evolved form. Sporadically a "WOAH" block will appear which acts as a screen clear that destroys all enemies and red skulls currently on the screen.

Item Guide:

Skull BombDestroys monsters if thrown by the player or upon the explosion of the block.
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Woah BlockDestroys everything upon screen upon being thrown by the player.
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Monster Guide:

EggInitial form of monster prior to hatching.
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Green AlienMonster which hatches from "Egg" form.
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Lava MonsterEvolution from "Green Alien" state.
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Pants JumperEvolution from "Lava Monster" state.
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EyebatEvolution from "Pants Jumper" state which files around the screen chasing the player.
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UFOFiles horizontally around the top of the screen firing a deadly laser beam.
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Deluxe Edition Updates:

The PlayStation 4 release concurrently saw the release of the deluxe edition of the game (which was patched into previous releases of the game) which incorporated the following additional features into the game:

  • Two new levels
  • Six new playable characters
  • Boss battles
  • New enemy types
  • UFOs on which players are able to ride
  • Additional Easter Eggs hidden within the game