LEGO Racers 2

This is the second game in the racing series based on Lego, the popular construction toys. It was released in 2001 for Playstation 2, PC and Game Boy Advance.


Lego Racers 2 is the sequel to Lego Racers published by Taito Corporation. The game was developed by ATD and Pocket Studios. In Lego Racers 2 there are five new worlds, the first being 'Sandy Bay'. After completing 3 other worlds the player enters the final world known as 'Xalax'. Here the player will race the ultimate boss 'Rocket Racer' in a giant stadium for the title of "greatest racer in the Lego galaxy". A player will only move on from world to world if they win five races and collect gold bricks.

Returning Racers

 Rocket Racer
Rocket Racer

There are only three racers that are returning from the original Lego Racers:

  1. Rocket Racer.
  2. Sam Sanister (named Baron Von Barron in Lego Racers)
  3. Johnny Thunder.


There are five different worlds in the Lego Racers 2 game which are based on different themes. In addition to this each of the worlds are designed from original Lego sets. The five worlds are:

  1. Sandy Bay- This world is based on Lego Town sets. This is an island that has a town, construction sites and a lot of beaches. This world as well as the other worlds have portals to get to different worlds. This world has four bosses that you have to race before getting to other worlds.
  2. Dino Island- This world is based on Lego Adventures sets. This world is similar to the first as it is also an island. The difference is that this world has got rivers, a volcano, a jungle, a tribal village, ancient ruins, and only has a few beaches. This level contains constant rain and running Lego dinosaurs.
  3. Mars-This world is based on Lego life on Mars sets. This world has a series of valleys that are in between mountains. It features a martian mine, martian base, abandoned martian base, crashed space shuttle, caves and lava rivers. It is possible to reach the top of the mountains in free roam.
  4. Arctic- This world is based on the Lego Arctic sets. This world is an island with a mountain, a beached tanker, an ice maze, an iced over lake and several bosses. There is constant snowfall in this level.
  5. Xalax- This world is the only world that doesn't resemble an existing Lego set. This world is a dome full of cheering fans an includes a volcano, lava lakes, jumps, loops and a tunnel.


Sandy Bay

  • Workman Fred
  • Mike the Postman
  • Fireman Gavin
  • P.C. Bobby

Dino Island

  • Sam Sinister- His car has a super engine.


  • Rigel- He is a martian.


  • Berg - He is an ice monster that runs instead of driving.


  • Rocket Racer- The former fastest driver.

Other Racers

  • Pippen Reed
  • Sir Cunningham
     Sam Sanister
    Sam Sanister
  • Cassiopeia
  • Lightor
  • Warrior
  • Loopin'
  • Gears
  • Surfer
  • Shredder
  • Scratch
  • Spiky


A player can receive upgrades for their cars by winning mini games. Each of the mini games are accessed by driving through a vortex whilst exploring worlds. There is always one easy mini game per world and one difficult mini game per world.

The upgrades come in three categories:

  1. Grip- This improves how well the car turns and how it slides.
  2. Power- This can improve the cars speed and can determine how far the car can climb a mountain.
  3. Shield- This controls the amount of damage your car can take from an opponent.


There are many different types of power-ups in this game which can be used whilst racing. When you drive through a glowing, spinning Lego brick, you will receive this power-up. Whatever the brick lands on determines the power-up you get. To use a power-up you press the fire button. The power-ups are:

  • Weapons- This allows the racer to take bricks from another racers car. The symbol for this is a gray ninja.
  • Stealth- This makes the racers car invisible to other racers. The symbol for this is a gray fox.
  • Drill- This allows the racer to fire a missile into the front of another racers car. The symbol for this is a drill.
  • Disk- This allows the racer to fire a flying disk into a racers car. The symbol for this is a disk with blades.
  • Missile- This allows the racer to fire a missile into another racers car. The symbol for this is a bloodhound.
  • Explosion- This allows the racer to put a bubble around thier car to prevent attacks. The symbol for this is a storm cloud.
  • Whirlwind- This allows the racer to put a whirlwind around their car and makes other racers move away. The symbol for this is a twister.
  • Destructabrick- This allows the racer to take three layers of bricks of every racers car. The symbol for this is a flying lego brick.


 Lego Racers 2
Lego Racers 2

Lego Racers 2 has more freedom than Lego Racers because the player can free roam and can talk to other people.

 Lego Racers
Lego Racers

In the original Lego Racer you were limited to only karts, but in Lego Racers 2 you are able to drive trucks, tank-like treads, lorry cars, hover cars, and snow vehicles with skis.

Lego Racers 2 contains more bricks but less characters are available to choose than the the original Lego Racers. You cannot change your character during story made but can change your car.