Fast-paced Arena-FPS with old-school gameplay and modern graphics

TOXIKK is a classic Arena-FPS in the tradition of games like Unreal Tournament and Quake III Arena. It combines old-school gameplay with modern high quality graphics in a semi-realistic art style.

There is no grinding for perks, all the goodies like weapons, health packs, armor and power-ups spawn on the maps. To succeed, players need to build up their skills in aiming, moving, positioning and item timing.

The movement system is very similar to that of UT 2004, with elements like elevator-jumps, double-jumps, strafe-dodges, wall-dodges and a lot of air control. When combined properly, this allows fast and fluent map traversal and evading enemy fire.

The official 1.0 release features game types like deathmatch, instagib, team-deathmatch, capture-the-flag and time race. Larger CTF maps also include vehicles like hover bikes, cars, aircrafts and mechs. A duel game type will be added in an update after 1.0.

Community content like maps and game mods are available through Steam Workshop. Reakktor Studios actively support modders by providing the SDKK (a specialized version of the Unreal UDK with TOXIKK's game assets) and APIs to integrate mods with the core game.

A built-in skill class system evaluates a player's performance after every match is the backbone of the matchmaking. Servers are restricted to certain skill classes so that new players don't have to fight against veterans.

TOXIKK is a buy-to-play game, but offers a "free edition" that allows players to try out the game before buying. This is what used to be called a "demo" in the good old days and should not be confused with free-to-play. It comes with limited content and other restrictions, but unlike modern demos on Steam, it allows playing on the same servers as the full game.

Game servers can be hosted by anyone who owns the game. A simple "listen server" can be started from within the game client to play privately with friends. The dedicated server can be started from the command line and runs without a graphical UI. All servers, official and community hosted, can be browsed with the standard Steam server browser tools.