Battle Bugs

Battle Bugs is a tactical real-time strategy game developed by Enyx in 1994 for the PC

The game puts you in charge of a rather unusual military outfit consisting of dozens of various insects and critters around the house. The game plays out in a campaign mode with a swift briefing informing you about the objects of the respective level. These usually involve some sort of enemy annihilation or control of area etc. The crux of the game lies in the war mode. The game features are large number of units, all representing different "bugs", ants, spiders, beetles, cockroaches etc. All sport different abilities, special skills etc. In order to win, the player must apply those very abilities and skills in order to achieve the goal of the map. Some bugs may be fast but weak, others can throw bombs or are exceptionally strong in defense. The game lacks any sort of resource or building managment and purely focusses on the units and the battle tactics. The level design is innovative and quirky, with batles taking place in the back garden or on a slice of pizza.