A full conversion of the arcade shoot'em up Darius for the Atari ST, the Amiga, and the ZX Spectrum. Ported by Softek International Ltd. and published by The Edge.


Darius+ is a conversion of Taito's two-dimensional horizontally scrolling arcade shoot 'em up Darius for western homecomputers. It was developped by Softek International Ltd. and published by The Edge for Amiga, Atari ST and ZX Spectrum. A version for the Commodore 64 was probably planned but never released as mentioned on GTW 64!. A fanmade version for the Sharp X68000 (which only consists of ZoneA/Stage1 including a boss fight with King Fossil) is existing too.

While the original arcade cabinet has a game's screen that is three times wider than conventional size(by using three monitors - with the center monitor facing forward and the outer two pointing up) this port of the game was only designed for a single screen.


CU Amiga-6412/198981Amiga81 out 10081
Mark PattersonEnglish
Computer + Video Games01/199092Amiga79 out of 10079
Paul GlanceyEnglish
Generation 401/199022Amiga, Atari ST77 out 10077
Tilt03/199082Amiga15 out of 2075
Your Sinclair05/199040ZX Spectrum75 out of 10075
Amiga Joker01/199058Amiga74 out of 10074
Uwe RönitzGerman
ACE: Advanced Computer Entertainment02/199050Atari ST725 out of 100073-English
The Games Machine01/199077Atari ST70 out of 10070
Amiga Computing03/199040Amiga69 out of 10069
Duncan EvansEnglish
Amiga Action02/199084Amiga68 out of 10068
Steve Merrett, Doug JohnsEnglish
ST Action01/199078Atari ST62 out of 10062
ASM (Aktueller Software Markt)01/199039 Atari ST6.4 out of 1253
Michael SuckGerman
Datormagazin01/199011Amiga4 out of 1040
Tomas HybnerSwedish