Castle Shikigami 2

Top-down shooter featuring a variety of witches and wizards aboard flying brooms, firing spells at incoming enemies. Features co-operative play and sold at a budget price in most areas.


 Castle Shikigami 2 is a topdown bullet hell shooter brought out by Xs Games. It is most noteable for its terrible translation, so bad in fact that most sentences between characters don't link together to even form a actual conversation. 


 As mentioned the game is most noteable for its terrible tanslation and voice work. Many people think that Xs just did the literal translation and didn't localize it to make sense in english. One example of the bad dialogue in this game may been seen here.


 The gameplay style of Castle Shikigami 2 is your typical top down shoot. You have two types of regular shots and bombs.  There are also 5 levels of difficulty to choose from in the game so there will be a challenge for a long time to come. Multiplayer is the same as single player except you are both able to play through the story mode. Dialogue will also be different with each combination of character you choose.


Normal Attacks

To use the normal you can either rapidly press the square button or hold down the circle button (On the PS2 version). This will use the regular bullet attacks that is specific to your chosen character.

Mobile Light Force 3 Attack

 The Mobile Light Force 3 attack is used by holding down the square button. This will use a alternate attack from your regular bullets and they are usually a close range attack. The advantages of useing this attack is that coin dropped from enemies will automatically be collected but your characters speed will decrease.

Special Attack

 The special attack is your bomb attack. You will start off with 3 bombs every life and can hold up to a max of 5. During this attack you cannot be damaged, all enemies will be destroyed and bosses will take a large amount of damage. You will be able to regain a bomb at every 250,000,000 points. (You read that right)

Tension Bonus System

 The Tension Bonus System works like the graze system in the Touhou series of games. When you get really close to an enemy bullet your regular shots will turn red, cover a wider area on screen, and will also do more damage. It is a risk reward type system. 


Arcade Mode - This is the normal game mode. Continue through the story until the end.  
Practice Mode -  Choose and practise any stage in the game. Practice mode after you complete a stage in Arcade mode. Though when you unlock a stage in practice mode it is only for the one character. To unlock a stage for more than one character you must beat the stage with each character.
Boss Attack -  You can battle every boss in the game without going through the levels.
Story Recollect -  Watch all of the player boss interactions in the game after you have beaten a boss.
Gallery Mode - View some concept artwork from them game.


Kohtarou Kuga - Kohtarou is a young private dectective for H&K Detective Agency. He wears a unique school uniform and controls a human eating devil named Zasae-san. 
Mobile Light Force 3 Attack:
  • Type 1 - Human eating Zasae-san will automatically attack enemies near the player.
  • Type 2 - Zasae will automatically attack enemies near a point that the player marked.
Special Attack - Trap Bomb, the closer to the center of the bomb the enemy is the more damage they will take.
Sayo Yuhki - Sayo comes from a strong relgious home. She is a pro in useing spiritual power and is only 16 years old. She left her home town in order to train more and also uses a Yata Spiritual Bird in combat.
Mobile Light Force 3 Attack:
  • Type 1 - The Yata bird will rotate around the player and hit any enemies in range.
  • Type 2 - The Yata bird will spin around the player faster than with type 1 but will have a smaller range.
Special Attack - Will damage everything on screen.
Gennojo Hyuga - He is a detective that always wears a black suit, hat and sunglasses. He is also from a legendary Wolf God bloodline and is able to change into a wolf.
Mobile Light Force 3 Attack:
  • Type 1 - A lazer will be shot ahead of the player, lock on to enemies, and damage them.
  • Type 2 - A lazer will be shot from the players location and lock onto enemies in front and behind the player. Though the damage will be less than Type 1.
 Special Attack - Because of his blood line he turns into a Wolf and attack all enemies on screen.
Fumiko Odette Vanstein - A witch of German decent who migrated to Japan. In typical witch fashion she wears dark clothes and ride a broom at fast speeds. She also uses an object called the "Eye of Ethiopia" to ward off evil spirits from coming into Japan.
Moblie Light Force 3 Attack:
  • Type 1 - One lazer will be shot and deal massive amounts of damage in one direction.
  • Type 2 - You will be able to shoot the lazer in 5 different directions but the damage will be much less than Type 1.
Special Attack - Damages everything on screen.
Kim De John - Kim is a Korean fighter at night but during the day he is a teacher of Tae Kwon Do. One of his students has been killed and he is looking for the killer. He wears a trench coat and carries a guitar case with a sword inside.
Moblie Light Force 3 Attack:
  • Type 1 - Draws three swords around the player. You are about to change the postition of the swords by moving left to right.
  • Type 2 - Draws two swords and can change the position to either in front of behind
Special Attack - Shoots bullets a missles and you are able to control the direction of it.
Nigi Gorgeous Blue - She is looking for a specific man, but in order to find him she must fight the world.
Moblie Light Force 3 Attack:
  • Type 1 - She is able to absorb enemie bullets with the "Greater Cat" and counter attacks will automatically be shot when the barriar absorbs one.
  • Type 2 - She is able to absorb attacks but this time the power will grow with the more bullets you absorb and then unleash as soon as the button is let go.
Special Attack - Shoots many bullets from a machine gun.
Roger Sasuke - He is an American Ninja who love Japan and is also a good friend of Kugas.
Mobile Light Force 3 Attack:
  • Type 1 - Shoots mine out into the feild and they will explode when they touch an enemy.
  • Type 2 - Is the same as type one but you are able to shoot multiple mines out at once.
Special Attack - Uses a sword to attack all the enemies.


  •  Stage 1 Boss - Arala Cran - is actually a ghost. She waits for someone to save her soul.
  • Stage 2 Boss - Anolegos Dundeon - Is the soul of a warrior who guards a watery cemetery.
  • Stage 3 Boss - Aja Brothers - Two brother who will attack you simultaniously. There spirit is so feirce that they will never stop attacking until their oppenent is defeated.
  • Stage 4 Boss - Yukari Horiguchi - Her physical form is actually asleep in a hospital. If you are able to defeat her she will finally wake up from the slumber.
  • Stage 5 Boss - Shintaro Kuga - He is the older brother of Kahtarou. His only plan is to gain more power and rule the world.