Wings of Wor

A side-scrolling shooter where an angel called Wor must defeat "The Destroyer." Known as Gynoug outside of North America.


Wings of Wor (or Gynoug as it was known outside of North America) is a side-scrolling shoot 'em up with an in-depth power-up system that also includes one-shot spells of both offensive and defensive natures. It was developed and published by Masaya exclusively for the Sega Mega Drive, with the localized versions published by Sega (Europe) and Dreamworks (North America).

The game has a very distinct art style compared to other games in the genre opting for a more twisted, biological look instead of the standard spaceships and aliens, some of the enemies being huge bony creatures with extending necks and various other semi-mechanical creatures in the vein of H. R. Giger. There are six stages ranging from caves and Gothic church-like structures to completely mechanical and twisted tunnels seemingly inside the body of some creature. The game relies heavily on browns and greys in its colour palette to create its mood.

The protagonist is an angel called Wor with feathered wings, his standard attack being a three-way spread shot. The three types of shot available to use include concentrated fire, a triangular fire and a dual shot able to fire both in front and behind.

Wor fights a mid-level boss and an end of level boss at the end of each of the game's levels, There are no save points and players continued from the point they died if lives were remaining, and from the start of the stage if they lost all lives.