Dòng Dòng Nǎo II

A second game with the Dòng Dòng Nǎo name; this is an English tutor for Chinese-speaking children.


Dòng Dòng Nǎo II (動動腦 II) was released in Taiwan in 1989 by Sachen, for the NES. Despite it sharing (most) of a title with the Taiwanese version of Arctic Adventure: Penguin and Seal (Dòng Dòng Nǎo 1) and a cameo from the penguin, it has no relation to the game.

DDN II focuses on teaching Chinese-speaking/reading children English. After completing some exercises, the player is treated to a mini-game that would eventually be fleshed out into Pyramid. A South Korean version, later released by Kuk Je Academy, would actually title the game as an entry in the Pyramid series (영어, 피라미드 - Yeong-eo, Pyramid - or English, Pyramid).

Appearances of DDN II on multicarts give it the title "Middle School English".