Super Cartridge Ver. 2

Sachen's second Super Cartridge release contains (technically) 9 games marketed as 10.


Selecting a game
Selecting a game

Super Cartridge Ver. 2 is the second release in Sachen's Super Cartridge series. The game contains 7 titles from their The World of Card Games and Poker II releases, two different languages of a Fortune-Telling application exclusive to this cartridge, and one other game that was previously released on its own cartridge.

Included on this cart are:

From The World of Card Games:

  • Omnibus Hearts
  • Fan Tan
  • Chinese Rummy

From Poker II:

  • Max 2
  • Ghost-Buster
  • 99
  • Change Around


  • Fortune-Telling (Chinese)
  • Fortune-Telling (English)