Neighborhood Conflict

Kids of the neighborhood form their own countries and fight for social and financial dominance. Features currency manipulation, simulated social relationships, politics, and real estate.


  • Players are kids in a neighborhood that form their own governments and economy.
  • Kids can increase other kids' relationships of themselves through social actions, this can give them an edge in business and politics.
  • Kids can explore different households to find a suitable location to start a village, or explore villages to find properties. Properties can be constructed into shops which will help a kid's company. Real estate can also be bought and sold.
  • Some kids create their own fiat currency, and inflation is often rampant. Players try to read socioeconomic conditions to know when to acquire or spend different currencies.
  • Kids form their own militias to protect their interests and increase their prestige.
  • The winner of the game is the kid with the most USD.