Captain Planet and the Planeteers

A platformer based on the '90s environmentalism-themed cartoon of the same name. Four of the Planeteers must escape their imprisonment so they can unite to summon Captain Planet. This version, developed by NovaLogic and published by Sega, was exclusive to the Sega Mega Drive in PAL regions.


Captain Planet and the Planeteers is a platformer based on the cartoon show of the same name produced by Turner Program Services and DIC Entertainment. This version of the game was released exclusively on the Sega Mega Drive in Europe, Australia, and Brazil by NovaLogic and Sega, and is not to be confused with the MindScape version found on other systems.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers sees four of the five Planeteers captured by villains who must first escape their predicaments before uniting together to summon Captain Planet to save the day. Wheeler, who wields the fire element, is imprisoned in a factory by Hoggish Greedly; Kwame, who wields the earth element, is being kept in an underground sewer system by Verminous Skumm; Linka, who wields the air/wind element, has been trapped in one of Dr. Blight's laboratories; and Gi, who wields the water element, is stuck inside one of Duke Nukem's radioactive mining operations. Ma-Ti, the remaining Planeteer who wields the heart element, directs the team from Hope Island along with Gaia. The four Planeteers' missions can be taken on in any order, and each involves exploring a level destroying machines producing pollution before fighting the boss and escaping. After all four are complete, the player controls Captain Planet in a shoot 'em up-style boss fight finale.