An immersive horror experience from Director Hideo Kojima in collaboration with filmmaker Jordan Peele.

The project was first teased during the 2022 Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase where Kojima announced he was partnering with Xbox Game Studios to create a "game I have always wanted to make" using Microsofts cloud technology.

Following this, in November 2022 video footage apparently leaked under the name "Overdose", many game publications reported on the leak but it was never confirmed by Xbox or Kojima.

At The Game Awards 2023 a teaser trailer was revealed for the game officially named as "OD", with actors Sophia Lillis, Hunter Schafer and Udo Kier set to appear. It was also revealed that Kojima was partnering up with filmmaker Jordan Peele for the project.

In an official press release after the Game Awards, the game is described as "a very unique, immersive, and totally new style of game – or rather, a new form of media,” and that the game would push players fear thresholds while "blurring the boundaries of gaming and film"