NBA Ballers

NBA Ballers is a basketball game developed and published by Midway, for the Xbox, PS2 and PSP.

NBA Ballers Roster


  • James Naismith National Basketball Hall Of Fame
  • The O'Neal Residence
  • Scottie Pippen's Yacht
  • Kobe Bryant's Italian Estate
  • Karl Malone's Winter Chalet
  • The Steve Francis Home-Galveston Bay Estates
  • The Duncan Family Compound
  • Holcombe Rucker Park
  • The Allen Iverson Recording Studio 3
  • The Preparatory Academy
  • The Garnett Residence
  • The Kidd Family Estate
  • The McGrady Manor
  • Vince Carter Pinetower Penthouse
  • The Marbury Residence

Trivia: Akon was considered to be apart of the game's soundtrack, but because he was a convicted felon was not allowed to be involved.