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Unprofessional Fridays: Unprofessional Fridays 02/16/24

2024-02-16 23:47 Features

Excuuuuuuuuuse me! It's time to be unprofessional on this lovely Friday!

Giant Bombcast 827: Revengeance

2024-02-16 10:46 Features

We got our dear friend from VGC News, Jordan Middler, on the podcast today to chat about games, the Switch 2, and whether or not Cloud Strife is popular!

Game Mess Mornings 02/16/24

2024-02-16 05:44 Features

Grubb has Jason Fanelli on the show today to chat about all the news that came out of the Xbox podcast yesterday, some BREAKING news of a First Person Mandalorian game, Bandai Namco updates, and even more!

Voicemail Dump Truck 103

2024-02-15 11:42 Features

We have a grand time talking about Valentine's Day as we continue down the shrimp vs biscuit train, being influenced to buy things, bad dates, and even more!

Game Mess Mornings 02/15/24

2024-02-15 02:05 Features

Grubb and Jan chat about the possibility of an upcoming Nintendo Direct, Mario vs Donkey Kong Reviews, every screen being an Xbox, and PlayStation 5 woes!


2024-02-14 12:30 Features

Mike Miquanchi is making steady progress! Is he closer to the finish line than he expects or will the fire from hell be too much for him and the makeup?

Game Mess Mornings 02/14/24

2024-02-14 11:50 Features

Our dear friend and fellow pokemon freak Jordan Middler returns to Game Mess Mornings! Grubb and Jordan chat about the PS5 in the "latter stage" of its life cycle, Sony Franchise game releases not coming until 2025, and even more PlayStation related stories. H...

Giant Bombcast 827: Urn-ergy

2024-02-13 09:04 Features

The Bombcast is for lovers! We chat about cards in Balatro, Bakalar's time with the dioramalike Harold Halibut, and how much we've been enjoying Helldivers 2! Grubb also explains the news such as Xbox's podcast, Switch 2 leaks, and even more news stories.

Helldivers 2

2024-02-12 55:01 Features

The compadres have decided to dive back into Helldivers 2! How many mines can we collectively throw now??

Game Mess Mornings 02/12/24

2024-02-12 56:17 Features

Grubb and Mike are here to chat about Phil Spencer assuring that Xbox is not leaving the console market, the Switch 2 may be backwards compatible, Foamstars reviews, and more!