Liar: Legend of the Sword 2

Korean Action RPG for the PC-DOS, second title in the Liar's franchise.

8 years after the release of the first game "Liar: Legend of The Sword" was released, Nam finally got around to making the sequel he announced back in 1987. The scenario is much darker and more elaborate this time: After an introductionary cutscene showing a mysterious ritual performed on a newborn baby, the game puts the player in the shoes of Garwell, member of a formerly glorious knight order, now persecuted as heretics for heresy against the god known as "Liar". Garwell is arrested while conspiring with surviving members of his order to plot a coup. As the only survivor, Garwell has to escape the prison and restore the reputation of his former order and prevent the birth of a demon god.

Given Nam's history and the looks of the game, it's easy to assume Liar: Legend of the Sword 2 is a clone of Ultima VII, given the similar looks and the plot about a demon-worshipping religion, but the gameplay is much more streamlined and action-oriented. Garwell can assemble a party of up to five members during the course of the game, but the player only assumes control over one character at a time in the rather hectic real time battles and can switch around between them. Foes are attacked by simply clicking on them, leaving little room for tactical play other than the use of spells and of course retreat, the latter of which can be tricky to pull off with a full party.

Liar : Legend of the Sword 2 features a sizeable world map and non-linear progression, interesting sidequests and characters..

In 2009 Bitmage, a company specializing in handheld and mobile development, was contracted by Gamepark Holdings to produce a remake of the game for their GP2X Wiz handheld.