rRootage is a freely downloadable shoot-em-up from ABA games that features vector-graphic enemies and complex, procedurally-generated bullet patterns. rRootage was released by ABA Games in 2003 and features 4 gameplay modes which mimic other popular shooters such as Ikaruga and Giga Wing.


rRootage is an open-source, freeware bullet-hell game designed by Kenta Cho and released by ABA Games. As it is open source, it has been compiled for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iPhone. It was released in 2003.


Rrootage's unique quad gameplay style approach and medium sized selectable levels lend itself to perfect 'I-got-15-minutes-to-kill' sessions. Since each mode is different and have their own unique gameplay tweaks, the game is essentially four games in one.

The ship in Rrootage is some weird broken up cylinder with a pink core in the center. Like other bullet-hell shooters, the ship is only destroyed if the core is hit, as that is the vulnerable hitbox, bullets can pass through the wire-frame cylinder with no damage done. Rrootage is a 'one-hit-one-kill' shmup and every mode gives the player three lives and they can gain more by getting high scores. It also focuses on single boss-like enemies, rather than send swarms of enemies and intricate weaving salvo's of small fighters, each level has only one large enemy and the level ends when it is destroyed. So it's more like a game against a super turret, rather than standard enemies. There are no powerups or different weapons other than the starting weapon, Rrootage has a minimalist approach to gameplay.

Gameplay modes:

  • Normal mode is the basic textbook shmup. You start with three 'bombs' that will erase all enemy bullets within a certain radius. Firing slows the ship's movement speed slightly.
  • Psy mode is a mode that encourages players to go near enemy fire. The closer they are to enemy fire the more points they get.
  • Ika mode is inspired by Ikaruga. instead of bombs like in normal mode, the player can switch between two polarities. As red/black they can absorb red/black fire and as blue/white they absorb blue/white fire. As shots are absorbed they are automatically fired back at the boss.
  • GW mode's special feature is a bullet absorbing shield that needs to recharge, but it can be used infinitely. The shield will absorb all enemy fire in it's radius and after usage it needs to recharge. This is the players only hope during some of the more manic bullet waves and the usage of the shield is most important.

There are 40 levels in Rrootage, and each one is broken into five sub-levels. Combined with the four distinct play styles the game has a lot of content that will last any shmup fan for a long time.