Cold Winter

Join former SAS soldier Andrew Sterling as he takes on a group of arms dealers with access to a missle guidance system.



Andrew Sterling an MI6 agent is captured while on a deniable covert operation in China. After weeks of internment, and with MI6 seemingly disavowing Andrew, he is rescued by an old friend 'Kim'. He finds that he has been freed at the behest of his old associate Danny Parish. To repay this debt and at loose ends with his status, ex-Mi6 agent, Andrew agrees to assist Parish's on a new mission his private security firm is running in Africa. Andrew arrives in Egypt to investigate Amenkoht Ali-Salah, a corrupt Egyptian businessman who's corporation, Setech Industries is involved with illegal arms dealers. Andrew get's to Salah and his compatriots, but learns that his arms dealing is connected to deeper plot involving a post WWII secret society, GreyWings, bent on destroying the world to save it. Andrew and Kim set out to save the world from this secrete society called Greywings.


  • Chang Prison
  • Chang Prison Courtyards
  • Qattara Old Town
  • Qattara New Town
  • Qattara Compound
  • Salah's Den (Warehouse)
  • Salah's Den (Distribution)
  • Salah's Den (Perimeter)
  • Setech Industries Quarry
  • Setech Industries Labs
  • Setech Industries Sublevels
  • Black Market Approach
  • Black Market Valley
  • Winterlong Monitoring System
  • Winterlong Supply Depot B-16
  • Winterlong Core

Gameplay - Striking Features

  • Cold Winter's environments are interactive for a 2005 era PS2 title. Most tables can be tipped over to create cover, toilets flush and faucets spill water. You can also drag big items like rickshaws, desks, beds and dumpsters, and small items like chairs, baskets, pots & pans, can be picked up and thrown.
  • A rudimentary cover mechanic is integrated into game play. Although cover is usually unnecessary, an overturned table or desk proved useful in some fights in nothing more as something to do to confound the passable enemy AI. Playing at higher difficulty levels shows off an adequate AI system often missed on lower levels where enemies act far more realistically in cover.
  • Items looted from enemies and the environment can be combined metal shards, wire cutters, alarm clocks, rags, glue, motion sensor and plastique to create improved weapons (bombs, grenades, traps).
  • The game offers what it calls 'Zone specific' rag-doll death & body damage effects which amounts of blood splatter & drip effects, limbs spawn when blown off, player drips blood when critically hit. The ragdoll is satisfying, but primitive with many enemies falling without flourish but sometimes cart wheeling away a bit too limply.
  • Health is distributed through a syringe of adrenaline you carry with you at all times. It can be used at any time, but must be strategically employed since it requires a seven second animation that if interrupted by the player or enemies must be restarted.
  • An after mission ranking system was included in the game. Rank was based on how many secondary objectives , shooting accuracy, the percentage of enemies killed, number of weapons found, the number of combinable items found, and the number of intelligence items found. Much of this system was unexplained in the game and manual so they system was very controversial since it seem arbitrary and harsh without explanation of how to improve.

Voice Actors

The shadowy anatomist of John Grey was voiced by British character actor Tom Baker, best known as the fourth incarnation of The Doctor, in Doctor Who. Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) actor Nathaniel Parker played the protagonist Andrew Sterling, he is best know from his role as the timid Edward Rochester in film Wild Sargasso Sea. Rounding out the cast was Kristy Wu who played Kim, she is best known from the reoccurring role of comic-foil Chao-Ahn from Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the potential slayer who only spoke Cantonese)


Cold Winter was written as a collaboration of Julian Widdows with Warren Ellis.

Multiplayer (Competitive, Team Oriented)

Offline: 4 player (split screen w/ AI bots)

Deathmatch, King Of The Hill, Flag Tag (capture the flag), Last Man Standing, Domination and Headmatch (keep-away a dismembered head for points).

Online: - 8 player broadband

Deathmatch, King Of The Hill, Flag Tag (capture the flag), Last Man Standing, Domination and Headmatch (keep-away a dismembered head for points).


12 online that feature friendly fire toggles & player handicaps

Online Player Features

Players can set a profile where they choose from 30 skins.



  • PSU 9mm Suppressed
  • 288 9mm
  • AMT Longslide Hardballer
  • B93 Burst (Beretta Model 93r)
  • 288 Special (scope attached)


  • M-320
  • K53
  • P5K SMG
  • 9mm TMP SMG
  • P5K Suppressed
  • P90 SMG


  • AKS47
  • Stur ARG
  • M4A1
  • G11 Assault Rifle


  • Pump Action Shotgun
  • Sawn-Off Shotgun (double-barreled 12-gauge)
  • Hammer (Jackhammer 12-gauge automatic shotgun)


  • Dragunov Sniper Rifle
  • PS1 Sniper Rifle
  • L50 (Barrett M82A1 Light Fifty)
  • L96AW (PM L96A1 sniper rifle)


  • Browning (mounted .50 caliber heavy machine gun)
  • PK-S Medium Machine Gun (Russian 7.62mm light machine gun)


  • 40mm Grenade Launcher (H&K HK79A1)
  • RPG Launcher
  • KV-8 Dragon Flamethrower
  • LAW ( M-72 light antitank weapon)


  • Fragmentation Grenade
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Molotov Cocktail (Materials Needed: Empty Bottle, Fuel Can, Strip of Cloth)
  • Timed Explosive (Materials Needed: Plastique, Alarm Clock)
  • Sticky Timed Explosive (Materials Needed: Plastique, Alarm Clock, Tin of Glue)
  • Motion Sensitive Explosive (Materials Needed: Plastique, Motion Sensor)
  • Sticky Motion Sensitive Explosive (Materials Needed: Plastique, Motion Sensor, Tin of Glue
  • Fire Bomb (Materials Needed: Fuel Can, Plastique, Alarm Clock)
  • Motion Sensitive Fire Bomb (Materials Needed: Fuel Can, Plastique, Motion Sensor)


Artist: Mark Willot

Album: Cold Winter- Original Game Music Score

Label: Universal Music Production Library ℗ 2004 Swordfish Studios Limited

Released: Nov 14, 2006

Duration: 1:42 minutes

1. Cold Winter Front End

2. Sterlings Story

3. Kimfiltration

4. Fight in the Prison Courtyard

5. Helicopter Attack

6. China Escape

7. Parish Flashback

8. The Golden Narghile

9. Mystery Bombers

10. Conflict Outside the Biomine

11. Fight at the BioMine Reactor

12. Fight With Salah

13. Kims Story

14. Fight in Fariqs Warehouse

15. Fight on the Rooftops

16. John in the Lab

17. Market Garden

18. Sweden

19. The Spitfire

20. The War Room

21. The Wedding

22. Johns Assassination

23. Winterlong Barracks

24. The Array

25. The Cable Car

26. Fight in the Lobby

27. Cold Winter Credits